Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook — March 16, 2010

Outside my window... they are taking down the neighbors' maple tree. I don't know how much shade this will lose us, and even if it doesn't make any difference with our oak in between, I am sad. I like trees. And I know the maple in front of our house is in decline. I hope a good pruning will extend its life, but I fear it will need to come down within a few years.
I am thinking... that while my girls are apt to share TMI (nothing gross, just way too much), I need to listen against the day when they don't want to tell me anything.
I am thankful for... the folks who run our hockey program, particularly Alpha's coach, who has worked so hard to build it up. Despite having a small program, we were really successful this year, and the kids recently got honored at City Hall. I'm also thankful that despite the tight economy and city cutbacks, it looks like the city won't be closing the rink.
From the kitchen... not much. Our pantry is darn near bare. Today's task is to put together a grocery list, order Market Day stuff, and hit the grocery store.
I am wearing... a thick, fuzzy pink tunic and black slacks. It's probably a bit too warm for today's predicted highs, but yesterday's cold mist drained all the heat from me, and I want warmth.
I am creating... a new bulletin board for the girls' school library. The theme is, "What will YOU find in a book?" and it's a construction-paper collage landscape with various parts labeled: e.g., The Little House by Virginia Burton and My Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George. I got high praise as I was working this morning — the art teacher's son walked by on his way to band and said, "Wow! Awesome!"
I am going... grocery shopping! (Not sure why an exclamation seems warranted; I hate grocery shopping. But as I said, we haven't much food in the house. Putting together meals the last few days has been tricky, and I am running out of healthy snacks — and tucking gladly into unhealthy ones.
I am reading...
Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver and a bunch of books about blogging/HTML in hopes that I can at least make this look the way I'd like.
I am hoping... that I can get this place presentable enough at some point in the near future to host a girls' night for the hockey moms. Few of their kids will be on Alpha's team next year, and I'll miss them. Fortunately, Beta's team is likely to pretty much stay together.
I am hearing... the grinding of the tree shredder outside and the ticking of our clock inside. I got the clock as a wedding present for Mr. Sane — it reminded us of an antique clock in his parents' house. It chimes the hour and has a third hand for the date.
Around the house... is too much junk. I haven't completed any more bags for the
40 Bags in 40 Days challenge, though I've got about 3 or 4 partials going, though.
One of my favorite things... listening to my girls play together (when they play nicely) in the next room.
A few plans for the rest of the week: Mr. Sane, who teaches in a Catholic school, and the girls, who attend Catholic school, have St. Patrick's Day off tomorrow, though we don't have anything special planned. I'm helping out with art projects in Beta's class on Thursday and Alpha's class on Friday. My brother is taking the girls to the AHL game on Friday; we have two tickets for Saturday's game — we'll have to see if we can get a couple more. Come to think of it, I hope it's an evening game — Saturday is Alpha's team's end-of-season parent/child game.
Here is picture for thought I am sharing... Here they are, finally — pix of the latest library bulletin board I put together. I originally printed the labels of book titles on translucent sticker paper, but the librarian had too hard a time reading them and wanted me to print them larger, on regular paper.

This is a closeup, so you can see the labels.
Thanks to Peggy of The Simple Woman for hosting this meme. For more daybooks, look here.


  1. I sure do love trees, too. The house that I grew up in had 18 in the front yard alone. :) But now that we live in the wilds of NM, we are happy to have 3 small trees that provide almost no shade *sigh* Anywho, enjoyed your daybook, thanks for sharing it! Have fun grocery shopping..LOL! I'll try to find my way back here to see your picure when you put it up *winks* Have a great week!
    Krist~ Mama to the Man Crew

  2. I am a new blogger and I am sure the librarians are wondering why I have checked out 20 books on how to write online, make money online, work with HTML, etc. My computer desktop is "littered" with links to "blogging resources." Slowly I am reading them all, which has not left a great deal of time to actually blog, or to work on improving my site. But someday...

    and since I have started (again) reading food labels, caloric contents, etc. grocery shopping is not as much fun as it used to be.