Friday, April 23, 2010

Things to do with your computer when your Internet connection is down...

Mommy's IdeaIt's not Friday any more, and this is more in the way of a list than true fragments, but I hope Mrs. 4444 and the rest of you will forgive me for bringing you...

Things to do with your computer when your Internet connection is down:

• Attempt to diagnose it.
• Curse it.
• Beat your head against it.
• Clean out your e-mail inbox.
• Look up the online help... oh, never mind.
• Burn discs of the songs your kids have been nagging you for ('cause you downloaded them ages ago). (Assuming, of course, that your kids are young enough to not be better at downloading than you or consider discs passé.)
• Clean up your desktop. (You could clean up your physical desktop, too, while you're at it.)
• Discover long-forgotten game applications and waste hours attempting to set a high score.
• Back up your files and files and files of photos. (You could even print some of them out... naah.)
• Print out and fill out forms your children need for school. Be thankful you downloaded them before your connection went down. Wonder how bad it would be to call the school to get rid of paperless delivery on Earth Day.
• Breathe a sigh of relief and do a happy dance when you're reconnected to the outside world!

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  1. Play on your "Paint" program....


    Visiting from Friday Frags. Ok, I'm a tad bit late :-)