Thursday, May 27, 2010

Looking Forward

Beta's looking forward to the end of school. Well, actually, both girls are, but Beta particularly. It seems like her new favorite words are "looking forward."

She's looking forward to hockey camp in about a month. She's looking forward to the city pool opening the week after school (though she's not sure if she's looking forward to swimming lessons).  She's looking forward to marching in the Memorial Day parade with the hockey league. (They get to follow the Zamboni, and they can wear roller blades if they want!) She's looking forward to their rescheduled field trip to the local school for developmentally disabled adults. (They're going to do a craft project together.) She's looking forward to Crazy Hair Day and Field Day and walking up to the Dairy Queen with their 5th-grade buddies.

She didn't want to go to school today, though. I guess she didn't have anything to look forward to.

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