Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Fragments: March 19, 2010

Mommy's IdeaThanks again to Mrs. 4444s at Half Past Kissin' Time for hosting Friday Fragments. (Once I get better at Blogger, I'll put a memeroll in the sidebar, really I will!) Later on, I'll head over and check out Danifred's Friday Night Leftovers at Sippy Cups Are Not For Starbucks.

Whenever we pass through the kitchen lately, we make sure to give the trilobites a brush.

(We have fossils in our kitchen, and I’m not referring to Mr. Sane and myself. Alpha got a block of limestone or some such to excavate for her Challenge class. It’s soaking in a bowl in the kitchen, and she’s using a soft toothbrush to slowly extract the fossils. We can’t resist helping.)

Beta is planning her April Fool’s prank. She has a little spray bottle that looks like a perfume bottle, and she’s planning to spray people with water and tell them it’s perfume. Much better, I think, than doing the reverse. And way better than the plan her friend over the fence has to counterfeit money.

Since nobody had anywhere else to be on Wednesday, we postponed the grocery shopping till then. Having no timetable, we lollygagged around and didn’t leave till the afternoon. We got a late lunch on the way, did our shopping, came home & unpacked the van, and took Beta to hockey practice. Afterwards, we went to DQ. That’s right – we had Dairy Queen for dinner! (I’m talking ice cream – our local DQ is not a Brazier.) The girls didn’t notice till bedtime, when they had a sudden urge for real food.

I helped with Beta’s class art project yesterday. We used irons to transfer pictures crayoned on sandpaper to plain paper. (Hence the need for mommies to come in and help – a bunch of second-graders with hot irons is not a pretty picture.) I detest ironing, but it becomes much more fun if it’s an art project.

Today’s Cleveland Plain Dealer published this fabulous one-sentence pan – “Jennifer Aniston uses one of her expressions and Gerard Butler wears a shirt in one scene from ‘The Bounty Hunter.’” – as a photo cutline to go with Stephen Whitty’s review, picked up from the Newark Star-Ledger. Neither paper’s site includes the cutline, so I have to guess it was a PD writer who distilled Whitty’s review into that one little gem, particularly as the PD headline, "There should be a price on heads of all involved," beats the heds on both websites. Kudos to you, whoever you are!


40 Bags in 40 Days update: I’m now up to 8 bags done, and I still have several partials going. Hmm... 32 more bags in 16 days? Well, I’m not mathematically eliminated....


  1. I LOVE your external validation line! :) Your kids sound cute. I love that the little one is planning her April Fools joke this far in advance. What are you doing with the bags? I watch too much Investigation Discovery because the first thing that came to mind was getting rid of body parts. :)

  2. LOL! No, no body parts! Most of the bags of stuff so far have been bags of trash or recycling. The partial bags are the ones I'm trying to fill with items to donate. But no, no body parts.

    Thanks for your comment!

  3. You had me curious enough to check out the bag project. I was unsure if you were creating bags (sewing?) or decluttering. Now I am contemplating the bag a day exercise. If I bring in 5 bags of stuff, and only remove one... I may have to tweak the program a bit.
    I am a junkoholic.

  4. Um, I had about 8 bags of trash just from cleaning my car!

    Ok, maybe not 8 bags, and they were grocery bags, and some stuff was from the trunk, but still....

  5. Counterfeiting money sounds more like a crime than an April fool's prank.