Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring is coming

Unknown Mami
Unknown Mami, in San Francisco, hosts Sundays in My City, so we can all travel through the wonders of the virtual world. While this time of year isn't perhaps the best for visiting Cleveland, it is warming up.

The lake, as seen from the car two weeks ago on the way to Alpha's hockey championship:
Forgive the poor photo quality, but you can still tell it was well frozen over.

Last weekend, things were starting to break up (as seen from the lake shore park not far from my house):

And this week, I had to make sure to get some beach in there for you to see any ice/snow at all:

It's not an unmixed blessing, though. In Cleveland, you can't count on the snow being done for the season till the calendar says May -- and I read somewhere recently that last year or the year before, there was a trace of snow recorded in mid-May. And when the lake thaws, the possibility of lake-effect snow returns. But now you can watch our lake thaw from the warmth of your home, wherever that happens to be. (I'm guessing it's somewhere warmer, but, hey -- you could be in Nome!)


  1. I think it looks beautiful there! I would love to live that close to water:) Have a wonderful week!

  2. Love seeing the season beginning in your pics, hope you have a lovely week x

  3. Hoho it still looks very grey and bleak to me. Time to stick your head back under the covers!

  4. Great pictures! I love a stormy coast.

  5. Amazing to me, as I have never lived anywhere where water freezes. I'd never even heard of lake-effect snow before.