Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My husband, the celebrity

So Mr. Sane didn't come home last night, instead spending all night running around screaming. No, it wasn't because both our girls were suffering excessive amounts of tween angst – though they were, and it made me want to spend the night running around screaming – nor because nearly two decades of living with a crazy lady has finally sent him round the bend.

Nope, it's 'cause we have a real, live movie being filmed here in Cleveland – The Avengers. This would be Thor, Captain America, the Hulk, and I forget who else, not Mr. Steed and Emma Peel, and therefore, this is not just a movie, but a comic-book movie. So, several weeks ago, Mr. Sane, the comic-book fan, even though he's more of a DC than a Marvel guy, cast doubts upon his sanity by choosing to spend several hours standing in line in the blazing-hot sun for a chance to appear as an extra in the movie. After all, it was the summer; he was available pretty much any time.

Of course, this meant he got the call right before school started back, for a night shoot that happens to correspond with the first couple days of school. So yesterday's agenda consisted of the first full day of school, which usually tuckers him out, followed by a night's work on a movie set. They were supposed to end at about 4, but he called at 6 to say they'd just finished up, and he was heading straight over to the school, since at that point, spending most of an hour getting home and back didn't make sense. I'm not sure how much sense he's making to his students today, though I suppose they're doing mostly review.

He doesn't drink coffee, so I hope he gets his hands on some NoDoz or something. Do they still make NoDoz? Or has it been entirely supplanted by Red Bull and the like? Maybe one of his students can introduce him to Red Bull.

One of his students, though not a current one, has provided Mr. Sane with another source of celebrity, one which far more impresses our kids than playing a biergarten vendor running screaming from the Big Bad. Last year, to occupy the month between taking the AP exam and the end of the school year, the AP History kids were given an oral history project to do. One of the guys interviewed Mr. Sane, who set the record straight regarding an incident he was involved in which has grown to urban-legend status at his school. The student did well enough on the project that it was among those chosen to be archived by Cleveland State University.

The upshot? "Daddy's on YouTube!"* Which is much more exciting to our pre-teen girls than some movie they've never seen.

*While I'd love to share the video with you, Mr. Sane is mentioned by his proper name, which would sort of spoil the semi-anonymity I'm trying to keep here. You'll just have to go see The Avengers when it comes out and keep your eyes out for an excessively handsome bald biergarten vendor in the Schlossplatz.

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